Writer's Cramp

Writer's cramp is also called as mogigraphia, it causes spasms or cramps of certain muscles of hands or fingers. One develops specific complaint of inability to write. This complain is also developed due to other psychological disturbance or a variety of diseases such as joint disease, carpal tunnel syndrome etc.

Writer's cramp is a form of task-specific focal dystonia. It is an involuntary, sustained muscle contraction causing twisting movements and abnormal postures. Focal dystonia means only one body part is affected. Normally, an antagonist muscle relaxes when an agonist muscle is contracted. Patients with dystonia have simultaneous contraction of both groups of muscles. Spinal reciprocal inhibition is reduced i.e. a process that inhibits the antagonist muscles when the agonist muscles are active.


Signs and Symptoms:

It is a chronic disorder, hence it is better to start the treatment early.

Diagnosis is made on the basis of patient's history. A general physical examination and neurological examination is performed by a physician. Sometimes an electromyogram (EMG) will be done to show which muscles are overactive and to what degree.

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