(Syn: Vaginal white discharge)
It is a symptom of white discharge from the vagina; the commonest cause being vaginal infections.


Sometimes the newborn gets leucorrhea for a period of 7days due to the maternal estrogen. During Puberty as there are hormonal changes that are going in the body can cause leucorrhea but this gets corrected on its own.

During sexual excitement there is increased secretion from vulva and cervix but the flow is not much it will just moisten the vulva and sometimes pour out to stain the underclothing.

During puberty due to the increased levels of the hormone there can be increased secretion. The secretion is also increased during the menstrual cycle due to the rise of estrogen there is increased secretory activity in the cervical glands.

Pregnancy: due to increased levels of the hormone oestrogen along with increased vascularity it leads to increased vaginal transudate and cervical gland secretion.

In this about 1/3rd of the cases are caused by general ill health and about 2/3rd by genital causes.

Cervical cause
Non infective lesions like cervical erosion, chronic cervicitis, mucous polyp and ectropion (when the cervical glands are exposed to the vagina) can cause excessive secretion which pours out at the vulva.

Vaginal cause
One of the important causes of vaginal discharge is general ill health. If there is uterine prolapse .Chronic pelvic infection and acquired retroversion of the uterus then there will be increased vaginal transudate along with increased pelvic congestion.

The discharge is non irritant and non offensive; it is white or creamy in color.
General examination reveals ill health. The patient may complaint that because of the discharge the patient's health is deteriorating, but in reality due to the ill health there is the discharge.

The discharge is subjected to microscopic examination to rule out infection. If pus cells are not detected in the microscopic examination then it is considered to be a true case of Leucorrhea.

If infection is present the case is further evaluated by doing hang drop preparation, Grams stain, and culture.

. Maintenance of local hygiene has to be observed.
. Assurance to the patient to relieve the anxiety state especially during pregnancy, pill taking period and during menstruation.
. Pill users may have to stop the pill temporarily if the symptoms are causes lot of irritation to the patient.
. A proper constitutional Homeopathic treatment should be carried out if there are cervical factors and Pelvic lesions.

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