Kidney failure treated with Homeopathy

An 78 year old lady who was chronic renal failure was referred to us. Her serum creatinine levels were 3.6 and hemoglobin levels were low 9.1gms%. She also had proteinuria. The patient is and known case of Diabetes and Hypertension.

In the past the patient had severe skin allergy with itching and hyper pigmentation (discoloration) of the skin which was treated with ointments. Later she was diagnosed with chronic renal failure.

Emotional Nature:

She is very dominating by nature, very stubborn will not listen to any one; will do what she wants to.If things are not as she wants then it will lead to anger will shout in anger and will also weep in anger.

She is very religious and is very active among her religious circle. Has leadership quality and is very strong willed, at this age also she will travel by local bus transport. She loves to dress and is always well dressed.

She is very intelligent though could only study till 8th grade. Now feels depressed weeps easily on small things. Has become over sensitive and gets hurt over trifles. If hurt will forgive but not forget and will cry when ever she recollects those events.she is very talkative by nature.

She feels forsaken says no one cares for her, no one listens to her feels ignored by family members.

Had 2 major emotional shocks in life one when her husband died of heart attack at a very young age and 2nd when her youngest son did some fraud in business.

Personal history:

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