Infertility to Fertility - Homeopathy Treatment For Infertility

Having a child is most wonderful experience every couple has a dream of having a beautiful baby in their life, but when this dream is prolonged or meets with obstacles it becomes very painful. During such it is very important to find a right medical expertise who can help you sail through this difficult time.First let us understand

what do we mean by infertility?

The inability to conceive after 1 year of sexual life without contraception is termed as infertility. The occurrence of recurrent miscarriages without having successful pregnancy should also be included under infertility.

Infertility can be divided into primary infertility and secondary infertility.

Primary infertility is when the conception has never occurred.
Secondary infertility is acquired infertility. When conception has failed to occur after a period of fertility.

The Factors that are responsible for Successful Fertility are as follows.

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