A Case of Hair fall after menopause

A 47 years old lady came with the complaints of severe hair fall. She said the hair falls in bunches and she is very much worried about the same. The complaints have started since 2 years and have aggravated after her menopause.

Besides this the patient has marked pigmentation on the arms, forearms and the face this has got aggravated since 1 year. She also suffers from eczema on the right lower extremity .There is occasional itching but she said her main concern was her severe hair fall.

These were her only complaints .My observation was from the way she presented her complaints she looked very confident and was quite precise in explaining her complaints. So to know the further details of her emotional nature, ups and downs in life we implored further.

She said they are very well off financially her relationship with her husband is very good. Then she said that stressful part of her life is looking after her 2 sons. Both her sons have learning disability.

She was a teacher by profession but she decided to take care of her children and so she quit her job. She took this as a challenge to educate her sons and make them independent and she says she has done it very well. Both her children are now independent and are pursuing their careers.

But during this phase of bringing her children up she hardly had time to look after herself .These days she gets angry sometimes but calms down very fast if someone consoles her she feels very good. She is very clear in her thoughts if she undertakes some work she will always complete it on time.

As a child she always liked to study read and she was very outgoing by nature .She had very good relation with her parents and her siblings overall she had a very good childhood.

Personal history

  • Diet: Non vegetarian
  • Appetite: Good
  • Cravings: Spicy food
  • Aversion: Nothing specific


  • Sun: Doesn't aggravate
  • Fan: Doesn't like much as she feels cold after sometime
  • AC: -
  • Coverings: Covers herself in winters
  • Bath: Warm water
  • Season: Nothing specific
  • Thirst: drinks 7-8 glasses of water in a day
  • Perspiration: doesn't perspire much
  • Sleep and dreams: Disturbed due to the pain
  • Dreams of traveling and dreams of her village
  • Menses: Regular. Leucorrhea. Most of her complaints got aggravated after the tubectomy surgery


  • Multiple moles on the body
  • Pigmentation on the face
  • Gums swollen
  • R.S: NAD
  • C.V.S: NAD
  • There was tenderness in the back and there was restricted movement of the lower limb

Date   Prescription
13/4   Rx
Natrum.muriaticum 30
3 powders night
S.L 2 pills 4 hourly for 14 days
22/4 Pain in the back persists
Cannot remember dreams
Sleep is disturbed.
Dreams cannot remember
The biting sensation is better
Ct all 14 days
3/5 Pain is better
Numbness and biting sensation is better
Sleep is better
Ct all 14 days
4/9 The patient reported after a period of 6months and we asked was didn't she report as she was getting better.
She told us as there were no complaints she went to the village. She was better all these days but now the pain has started as she had exerted her self a lot in the fields.
We explained her again her condition and she shouldn't exert herself. Same medicine was repeated.
After this the patient reported once on the phone that she is much better. And she has discontinued the medication on her own.
Ct all
14 days

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