Frequently asked questions on Homeopathy (FAQs)

1) Is Homeopathy a safe mode of treatment?
Ans: Yes Homeopathy is a completely safe mode of treatment and it is gentle and without any side effects. Homeopathy is beneficial in all age groups, it is beneficial if taken during pregnancy as it helps in reducing the hereditary diseases that can be transferred to the child.

2) Is Homeopathy Slow to act?
Ans: It is one of the most common myth that homeopathy is slow in action. We have seen quick results in acute cases, pain management and many other cases. In chronic cases as the body is weak it takes time to recover along with the homeopathic medicines. It is not that homeopathy is slow but it is the natural recovery process that takes time.

3) What are the diet restrictions when one is taking Homeopathy?
Ans: One has to avoid raw onion, raw garlic, coffee, camphor and mint. In certain cases where the patient is habituated to coffee then that person is allowed to take it in moderation.

4) Does one stop the conventional medicines when taking Homeopathy?
Ans : One should not stop the conventional medicines when taking homeopathy, as these medicines cannot be suddenly withdrawn .This should be done gradually and under the observation of the physician who has prescribed the medicines .

5) What is the education pattern of a B.H.M.S homeopathic doctor
Ans : The B.H.M.S homeopathic doctor undergoes a five and a half years of full time medical graduation course.He studies the subjects Anatomy,Physiology,Gynecology,Surgery,Obstetrics,Bacteriology ,Pathology,Preventive and social medicine,Embryology,Genral medicine and in addition to this your homeopath also studies Homeopathic materia medica,homeopathic philosophy,homeopathic pharmacy.He also has 1 years internship in general hospital also.

6) Are Homeopathic medicines habit forming?
Ans:No! The homeopathic medicines are not habit forming and are completely safe to be administered under the care of your homeopath.

7) Is Homeopathy only a placebo effect?
Ans:NO! Homeopathy is based on the principle of Similia Similibus Curenter i.e. Like cures like. All the homeopathic medicines have a specific sphere of action and they act at the dynamic level. Recent studies on the efficacy of homeopathic medicines using nano technology are in the public domain.In our experience of 14 years we have seen amazing results when the correct homeopathic remedy that suits the constitution is given.Only because the content of the homeopathic medicine is not easily found with the simple procedures it doesn't mean that they are just placebo effect. One should have a unprejudiced viewpoint to understand the science of Homeopathy.

8) What is Classical Homeopathy?
Ans: Classical Homeopathy means the practice as per the principles laid down by the father of Homeopathy Dr.Samuel Hahnemann. In this one remedy is given at a time as per the constitution of the patient and the remedy action is carefully noted down. The progress of the case is also evaluated on the basis of Dr.Kent's 12 observation.Dr.Kent was one of the stalwarts in Homeopathy.

9) Is Homeopathy useful only in chronic diseases?
Ans:Homeopathy is beneficial in all the diseases, in chronic diseases homeopathy plays a major role in helping the body to fight the disease in a natural and gentle way thus bringing in cure in the true sense. In cases where there is advanced pathology palliation can be achieved with the carefully selected Homeopathic remedy.

10) Is Disease diagnosis important in Homeopathic treatment? Or does homeopathy doesn't believe in disease diagnosis.
Ans:In Homeopathy disease diagnosis is very important as the selection of the homeopathic remedy is based on the characteristic symptoms of the individual apart from the disease symptoms. If disease diagnosis is not made then the evaluation of the disease symptoms and the characteristic symptoms of the individual is not possible. So Disease diagnosis is an important aspect in Homeopathic treatment.

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