A Case of Eczema

The patient came with the complaints of eczematous eruptions on the body which started after her second pregnancy 18 years back. Since then the patient is suffering and nothing has helped her. She came to me because her daughter got rid of her skin complaints which were also chronic in nature.

The eruptions started on the right leg then on the abdomen and other parts of the body. The patient was worried about the eruptions which were visible to people she felt disgusted about them. There is severe itching with redness which is aggravated at night +2, morning, sun light. She feels better after application of warm water. There is no discharge from the eruptions.

There is also pain in the fingers of both the hands and pain in the right knee which is aggravated in the morning and after working in water. She feels better after movement.

In the life space the patient is born and brought up in Delhi (India).She was the youngest child in the family and was a pampered child. She got whatever she wanted. She was very shy as a child and took lot of time to mix with people. She was average in her studies and was very sensitive emotionally. She used to cry very easily and if someone consoled her she used to feel very good.

Things changed after she got married as she had to shift to Mumbai (Bombay then) this was a big change and till date she is unable to adjust to the environment in Mumbai. She feels very lonely and misses her family a lot. To add to it her husband is a very busy business man and has hardly any time for her. But she says they have a good relationship.

She has 2 children daughter and son. The daughter gave us the following history she said her mother is very worried about her marriage and constantly nags her. She tells her that she is a big burden on the family. She said her mother is also very lethargic and doesn't like to do the household chores. So the daughter has to do all the cooking .She becomes very angry if someone contradicts her. She has been very partial towards her son who gets whatever he wants and the daughter gets nothing.

Personal history

  • Diet: Non vegetarian food
  • Appetite: Good
  • Cravings: Sweets+2
  • Aversion: Peas +


  • Sun: headache
  • Fan dislikes draft of air aggravates
  • AC: Dislikes
  • Coverings: takes covers in all the seasons
  • Season: summers
  • Bath: warm water
  • Menses: regular leucorrhea+3
  • Urine: N
  • Stools: N


  • Renal calculi Right side


  • Father: Diabetes mellitus
  • Mother: Diabetes mellitus

On examination

  • Dark rings around the eyes
  • Wart on the neck
  • Throat congested
  • Salivation
  • Eczematous eruptions on the body more on the lower extremity and abdomen
  • B.P: 130/90 mm of Hg
  • The patient also told she cannot bear tight clothes since the childhood she feel very uncomfortable in them

Date   Prescription
10/02/2002   Rx
Sepia 200
1 powder at bedtime
1-1-1 for 7 days
18/2/2002 The itching was better Itching on the body which leads to disturbed sleep Rx
S.L 7 powders for 7 nights
7/3/2002 The patient came with the complaints of throat infection and fever. Severe pain in the throat
>Warm drinks
Feels hot with marked salivation and thermally hot.
Thirst for large quantities of water.
Skin complaints were better.
Sleep was better
Merc.sol 30
2 pills 4 hourly to stop as soon as she feels better.
S.L 1-1-1
15/3/02 Throat better.
Skin complaints are better
Pain in the fingers is also better
S.L 12 powders night
3 per week
S.L 1-1-1
1 month
20/4/02 The eruptions on the abdomen and the upper extremity were better about 50 % of the eruptions had disappeared. Eruptions on the lower extremity still there. Itching very mild occasional. Feels better on the whole. Rx
Ct all for 1 month
10/6/02 The patient came after giving a gap 20 days. When we asked why she is late. She said there are no complaints so she delayed coming.
The eruptions on the feet were still there but had decreased.
Ct all 1month.

The patient was under the treatment for a period of 1 year and in this time she had been relieved of her eczema. She came to me again this year for her frozen shoulder on the right side which also is responding well to Sepia 200.

Learning from the case was the importance of taking case history from the relatives close ones which can make a difference in getting the right remedy. We also saw the cure taking place according to Herings law of cure complaints disappearing from above downward.

Also one should have a proper case recording system so if the patient comes to you after years together for some other ailment the constitutional medicine will do the job; of course one has to retake the case and confirm the remedy once again before prescribing.

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