Dr Joshi's specialized Homeopathic kidney care with clinical case studies

Kidneys play a major role in maintaining near constancy of the composition of the body fluids and the compartmental distribution of these fluids. This is a very important condition essential for human survival.

As we know the quantity of what we eat and drink differs everyday; hence in order to maintain the right internal balance the kidneys have to continually excrete the byproducts of these substances and at the same time precisely maintain the required quantity of water, minerals and the metabolites.

Although the loss of liquid is also constituted by skin, intestines, and lungs but by and large the kidneys do the major work. To accomplish this complex task of maintaining the exact amount of liquids there are a number of complex mechanisms involved. These mechanisms help the individuals to excrete the extra amount of water and also excrete the end products of nitrogen metabolism such as urea and creatinine.The kidneys also play a vital role in curtailing the excretion of liquids when the body faces excess loss of water to prevent dehydration.

As we now know how important the kidneys are for the normal functioning of the human body. So an early diagnosis in kidney disease is very important to prevent permanent damage to the kidneys. So a simple urinary tract infection also should not be neglected as it can also complicate and cause irreversible damage to the kidneys.

Some of the major diseases of kidneys are:

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