Testimonials for Dr. Santosh Joshi

Ms. P.D.

Wellness: High Blood pressure and Migraine 2014
Country: India
Experience "I was suffering from High BP problem & cute Migraine, after consulting a neurologist & taking several medication for years i was still suffering badly with all kind of side effects. Then i was suggested to try Homeopathy & i got in touch with Dr. Santosh Joshi and after that, i was blessed & relieved from all pains. Within a weeks time he got my high BP to normal. Now within a span of 6 months he has cured my Migraine where i use to get headaches daily, now i don't even remember when i got a headache. My BP problem is solved. I don't have any side effects. I feel very energetic & healthy.

I would like to Thank Dr. Santosh Joshi for changing my lifestyle & making me healthy. Thank You!"


Disease: Cancer Liver metastasis, Skin allergy, Joints pain, Acidity
Country: Mumbai, India
Experience I got a satisfactory treatment from Dr.Joshi.Iam taking his medicines for the last 1 year and I feel he can understand my problems easily. My skin problem has been solved completely and my joint pains are also much less. My liver metastases were also reversed during the treatment. I have provided the reports of the same. I am relieved from most of the complaints and now I am living a pain free life.

Sujata & Vijay Kumar

Disease: Chronic Disease
Country: Houston, Texas U.S.A.
Experience "Dear Dr.Joshi: We are glad to note that you have completed 10 years of Classical Homeopathy and Wellness program. Congratulations ! A personal note of thanks for playing such a significant role in our lives as well as your prompt response to our queries more so to my wife who benefited from your treatment and recommendations which for years could not get any relief in modern medicine. We wish you all the best as you continue on your quest guiding people on the path to wellness. Thanks for playing such a significant role in our lives.May your Classical Homeopathy & Wellness program continue to bring relief to the many people under your guidance in India as well as overseas. Once again, in appreciation. Sincerely, Sujata & Vijay Kumar; Houston, Texas U.S.A."

Health is Real Wealth said...

Disease: Asthma,Alzhiemers of Parent
Country: Mumbai India
Experience Doctor Santosh is a well research physician who practices Homeopathy medicine with detail study of patients case history and prescribes medicines which simply reacts so fast and cures in very short time. yes short time is the factor which really bothers all and they prefer alloepathy medicines. He knows the root cause of each ailment and he carefully studies the patient with keen interest and with caring attitude. All my experience with him for just 2 years has made me feel to opt for life homeopathy medications for all ailments. He has shown his expertise in curing my dad's Asthma problem. My Dad no more has heavy breathing problem. Its gone.Even his medicines for Alzheimer is working well on my Dad. This truth is unbelievable but he can find complete solutions to this Old age problem soon and I pray he does. I think a Doc like him can make medicines work on millions if he gets the opportunity to heal and get all the resources in country like India.I myself and my family wishes him best and pray to Almighty to give him strength to be strong enough to cure all who come to him. Regards Madhu Ganesh Shastri

Raghavi M

Disease: Acne
Country: Mumbai, India
Experience I am Raghavi M Ramesh and I met Dr.Santosh Joshi 2 years ago. I was 15 years and like any other teenage girl I was obsessive about my face which was filled with pimples and acne. I was very worried about them and no creams or wash would work, I tried many remedies even drinking some gruesome mixtures but nothing helped. Ultimately I thought of trying homeopathy and seeing that his clinic was nearby I thought of giving it a try. Once I started Homeopathy it changed me (My personality as well completely) I never imagined that these tiny sweet pills would make wonders for my skin. Over a period of 3 months my pimples and acne vanished completely and I could feel a extra glow to my skin. It not only made a difference to my face but hair to. I could feel myself more relaxed and calm. Now for any small thing I consult Dr.Santosh Joshi and I have full faith and trust in his work. He is a perfectionist and I thank him for helping me and curing my Pimples, Acne and my menstrual problems. Thank you for always being there and you are the first doctor with whom I felt most comfortable. All the best for your future assignments. Raghavi

Laxmi M

Disease: High blood pressure
Country: Mumbai, India
Experience My name is Laxmi M, I have known Dr.Santosh Joshi for the last 4 years .I was a high blood pressure patient and was very restless but after taking Homeopathic medicines from Dr.Santosh Joshi my blood pressure came down to normal range within 6 months. I am not under any allopathic medicines and now I am able to lead a normal life. Whether its for fever or pain his medicines worked wonders for my family. I have complete confidence in him and he understands his patients very well. He is a smart guy and anyone and everyone feels comfortable with him. I am taking this opportunity to thank him for not only being my doctor but also being a good friend. All the very best to Dr.Santosh and I know you will do wonders with your knowledge in Homeopathy. Thank you for always being there and having a patient ear .Keep up the good work. Laxmi

Madhav Kulkarni

Disease: Chronic Disease
Country: Bangalore India
Experience "Professionally I know Dr Santosh for last 10 years. His Passion for excellence with dedicated hard work makes him unique person. I consulted him for my Chronic problem & got amazing results in short span for which I was struggling last two decades. His unique approach of understanding a person and giving confidence makes him good friend of patient. I am amazed to see last 10 years of hard work by him & wish him good luck for future." Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Mr.Shankar & Mrs.Kavita Gupta

Disease: Chikungunya,Rheumatoid arthritis, Acidity
Country: Mumbai, India
Experience I am thankful to Dr.Santosh Joshi who took up my case of Chikungunya where I was unable to walk due to severe pain in the joints. With his treatment I recovered completely within a short span of time. Now my wife is under his treatment for Rheumatoid arthritis and Iam sure she will also get relieved of her complaints. I wish him all the best and our good wishes.

Dr. A. Paramal

Disease: Sciatica
Country: Muscat, U.A.E
Experience I was having severe pain due to Sciatica and was unable to walk. Being an allopathic doctor I took painkillers, which provided only temporary relief. I turned to Homeopathy as my aunt who was under Dr.Santosh Joshi's treatment had benefited in getting over her ailments so I gave a shot to Homeopathy. To my surprise the pain disappeared in a matter of 3 days and to date I am free from the trouble. I took the medicines for few months those were the constitutional medicines, which helped me overall. I would like to thank Dr.Joshi for his help.

Errol Rosario

Disease: Wellness service
Country: USA
Experience "Dr. Joshi has provided me and my family with invaluable medical advice for the past two years. As a result I have seen the health of my toddler improve drastically after switching to his homeopathic remedies. Dr. Joshi's demeanor is always pleasant and courteous. I owe him my sincere thanks and would recommend Dr. Santosh Joshi to anyone especially to those who have hit a dead end with conventional medicine. That's where we were and we have come a long way since." February 24, 2009

Ms. Gitika B .

Disease: Cervical Spondylitis
Country: Mumbai, India
Experience Well it's been a very fulfilling relationship of four years now. I remember going to him when I was suffering from a basic back problem till he and me discovered that it was "Cervical spondylitis". There was a time when I would feel that I am paralyzed because of my cervical and then my treatment begun and I am perfectly all right now.

Well I don't know how well people or patients communicate with their doctors but I could speak to him about how I was feeling at every level of my treatment. In due course of my treatment I learnt a lot about how to handle it.

Well while I was just recovering from my cervical that I was faced with a skin and hair problem. Which I also was able to deal with because of him? Now for every little problem I would just go to him for the complete faith that I have developed in him as my savior doctor and a patient relationship so enriching and fulfilling.

I think doc you are one of those god's blessed people with the magical touch .You have the healing power of words with the right medication. Well I have never thanked you enough doc but I guess through this small little word "thank you" would say it all.

Kusum Naik

Disease: Eczema
Country: Athani, India
Experience I was suffering from eczema, which was not responding to any treatment, and it was worsening day by day. My relative referred me to Dr.Joshi. I took the medicines and Iam happy to say that my eczema has disappeared and for the past 3 years there has been no recurrence .I was also treated recently for my joint affection due to Chikungunya and Iam absolutely free from the pain.

My best wishes to Dr.Joshi and wish him all success in life.

Mamta B

Disease: IBS
Country: Mumbai India
Experience Your services were impeccable. I wish u luck in all u do, may the best come to you as you always have at least given me the best, thank you so much for everything in the past as in as a patient with you. You were always there to help me out and Iam very grateful for it.
Thanks n blesses always.

Mrs. Carmelita N

Disease: Sciatica
Country: India
Experience I am 63 years of age. One year back, I had fallen into a gutter. After that I developed severe pain in my left leg. The pain would occur after about 15 minutes of walking. I was told that I had sciatica. Moreover, allopathic medicine offered surgery which was not always effective. I thought this was the end of my leading a normal life.

I was told that alternative medicines like acupressure would help.

But I decided to try homeopathy first. And first time lucky! After taking the first few powders, I did not get any relief. On contacting Dr. Santosh Joshi, he asked me if I was following the instructions fully. Then I realized that I had been asked to stay away from coffee and camphor. But I was still having my morning cup of coffee. So I discontinued my morning coffee and I started getting relief.

The pain in my leg started becoming less. And I actually felt like walking again. It was great to be able to walk again. However, I did not get a full cure. After some time, the pain would come back and I would have to start taking homeopathic medicine again to get relief. This went on for six months and finally one day when I took my blood test I discovered that I had diabetes. I started taking medication for diabetes and the sciatica has gone forever!

But I must say a big thank you to Dr. Santosh Joshi who gave me courage to deal with the problem. I had given up hope of ever walking normally again. I take this opportunity of wishing Dr. Santosh Joshi all the very best in his career. I am sure that he will bring hope and courage to many more like myself as he pursues his promising career as a Homeopath.

Mrs. Sarita N.

Disease: Anterolisthesis
Country: Mumbai, India
Experience We would really like to thank Dr.Joshi for considering my case of Grade 1 Anterolisthesis where I was unable to walk, perform my regular work and was almost bedridden. I was advised surgery but we didn't have the funds for the surgery we came to Dr.Joshi for pain relief. With his treatment my pain has gone and also I have resumed my daily activities without any discomfort he also made us understand what the disease exactly was and also advised about the things that had to be avoided and the necessary exercises. We are very grateful to Dr.Joshi for his co-operation and effective Homeopathic treatment.

Sean Serafino

Disease: Anterolisthesis
Experience Thank you. This article on anterolisthesis was nicely written in layman terminology which helped me. It cleared up some questions I had as I suffer with this diagnosis. I am being treated by an Osteopath as of this month and am looking forward to playing again. It has been five years!

A Happy Web surfer

Experience Thanks a lot for staying online. Good website with lot of information.

Mrs. Shreelaxmi Shastri

Disease: Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
Country: Chembur, India
Experience Around 2003, I was suffering from stomach upset and after trying Allopathy for years I thought of taking Homeopathic treatment. I started taking Homeopathic treatment from Dr.Santosh Joshi and it really felt like a good option as my health improved and I was feeling better.

After few months I started having lot of pain and on the advice of Dr. Santosh Joshi I went for Sonography. In Sonography Gall bladder stone were detected. After that I started taking Homeopathic treatment for Gall bladder stones. Every time the pain would erupt taking the homeopathy pill would always make me feel better.

Even for acidity and back pain I took treatment from Dr. Santosh Joshi and it has helped me to a large extent.

Mr. Sujeet Katiyar

Disease: Wellness services
Country: Mumbai, India
Experience: "Myself along with my full family is taking medicines from Dr. Santosh Joshi and we all are fit, fine and healthy and living very enjoyable life. In case of my parents they were suffering from quite a diseases since really long and after taking treatment from Dr. Joshi they not only got rid of diseases but also living a lot more better life now. My 5 yrs old kid is on only homeopathy since birth and growing well in all aspects of life."

Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, On Time.

Mrs. Sukhada Narsapur

Disease: Osteoarthritis
Country: Indapur, India
There was severe pain in the joints. Making any movement was impossible. On investigation RA test was positive. There was no relief from painkillers .So after 3 months I came to Dr.Santosh Joshi for Homeopathic treatment. The pain was better after few days. I took the treatment for 8 months and now I have no complaints.

The stress that was there was also relieved and the fear of disease totally vanished. And now I am very happy and off all the medicines. I would like to thank Dr.Santosh Joshi for helping me.

Sumera and Family

Disease: Anemia, hair loss
Country: India
My family and me have been consulting Dr Santosh Joshi over two years now and have always received good medical advice, patient hearing with a warm and very friendly approach. While staying in Mumbai or even while living out of India, Doctor has helped us handle health issues by way of phone calls/e-mails and even SMS.

We really appreciate his dedication to work and rightly so he enjoys a very special bond with each one of us. It is evident he pays personal attention to our medical histories and has all our details almost memorized so any time of the day, he is ready to advice and attend to our queries.

We wish him a very bright career ahead.

Mr. Sudhir Thar

Disease: Insomnia ,dandruff,Hairfall,Urticaria
Country: Mumbai, India
I have personally known Dr.Santosh Joshi Homeopathic consultant for over 1 year now. My wife and I have been under his care and treatment for nearly eight months. I have found that he is very meticulous and painstaking. He understands his subject too very well .His line of treatment and the medicines prescribed are very effective and helpful to both of us. In fact he cures.

We are both very thankful to him and wish him well.


Disease: Urticaria,Eczema Country: Mumbai India
Experience: It has been my pleasure and good fortune to get your good services and knowledge in the treatment of me and my kids. It is impossible to forget the favours you have done by telling the medicine over phone, at all odd hours; on your off days and forgive me in case I have forgotten some more. I cannot thank you enough for all you have done so selflessly always thinking of patients comfort over yourself.
Many thanks again and best of luck to you for a very bright future in all the ventures and projects.

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