Consult us - Homeopathic Treatment and Nutrition Consultation for Women's Diseases

The online consultation is an effort to bring homeopathy treatment and Nutrition consultation within the reach of everybody. For the patients benefit a history form has been given which will act as a guide line for the patient who will be submitting his case history.

As they say a proper case history is the first important step in treating the patient so the patient should give an honest detailed history without skipping any points thinking that they are not important. Let the treating physician decide what is important and what is not.

If the patient at any time has any doubts they can contact us or can come online and have an online discussion during the specified time. All the history that has been given is fully confidential.

The case which is received will undergo analysis and evaluation by the doctor.The doctor may ask few more questions or details in order to arrive at the right medicine.

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