It is characterized by hypereosinophilia with tissue infiltration and vasculititis. Churg-Strauss syndrome, an uncommon disorder, affects males and females equally. The disease can occur at any age, but it's more commonly diagnosed in middle-aged people. It causes inflammation in blood vessels, which restricts blood flow to various organs.

It is an autoimmune reaction, where white blood cells, which normally protect us from unwanted bacteria, viruses and allergens, attack healthy tissue, causing inflammation.

There are three stages of Churg-Strauss syndrome,

General signs and symptoms include:

There are no specific tests that confirm Churg-Strauss syndrome. A detail medical history and general physical examination is carried out by your doctor and following tests are advised.

A proper constitutional Homeopathic treatment will help in coping up with the disease. Homeopathic approach is different from conventional mode of treatment.

Here the totality of the symptoms is considered and the peculiar, strange, rare symptoms which are present only in that individual are given importance in finding the remedy that suits the individual.

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