Case of carpel tunnel syndrome treated with homeopathy

A lady aged 66 years old came to us for the treatment of carpel tunnel syndrome as she wanted to avoid the surgery. The complaints had started 6 months back in the right hand and there was difficulty in grip, fine motor skills and severe pain. The complaints have now started to develop in the left hand as well.

There is severe burning and formications in the right hand fingers and it is more severe in thumb, index finger and middle finger. The complaints are more during night while sleeping, while writing, cutting vegetables. She cannot lift anything with her right hand. She cries when she cannot bear the pain. On further inquiry the patient told that she suffered from numbness for many years and she has done all the treatment but there has been no improvement in it. And now the surgeon has advised her to go for surgery.

The patient is a known case of Diabetes for the past 22 years and she takes oral hypoglycemic drugs. She also suffers from hypertension for past 15 years. She is suffering from osteoarthritis of both the shoulder joints. She cannot sleep on her sides. Due to the osteoarthritis of the shoulder; the movement is very much restricted and she has severe pain when she tries to do any movement. Around 11 years back she had suffered from an episode of vertigo and pain in the cervical region.

Emotional nature of the patient:

The patient is very sensitive, cries very easily like when someone hurts her emotionally. She feels better when someone consoles her. She loves to work, but gets stressed over small things. Loves to listen to old hindi songs, soft slow music. She likes to watch movies with social background.

On further case taking we found that she is very mild and when she gets angry most of the time she keeps quite and tries to calm down. When she goes out in open air she feels much better. She feels claustrophobic in crowded and closed places.

Her childhood was good but due to the partition of India they had to relocate to India in which they lost everything. So during this period of time was very stressful financially and emotionally. Her father passed away with ischemic heart disease durning the same. This was a major emotional shock to her. After she got married her brother passed away which was also a shock to her. Her husband is very good by nature and they get along very well.

Personal history:

Menopause at the age of 52 years Disturbed sleep has to get up to pass urine 2-3 times (nocturia)

Homeopathic treatment:

In homeopathy understanding the case is very important in order to find the right remedy. The selection of the remedy is based on the characteristic symptoms of the individuals rather than that of the disease. Disease symptoms are used for diagnosis and the unique symptoms of the patient form the basis of the prescription.

In this case the core symptoms of the patient were oversensitivity, mild nature, amelioration of the symptoms in open air, consolation, claustrophobia and thirstlessness. Based on the totality of these symptoms the remedy selected was Pulsatilla in 200 potency.

Date Follow up Prescription
5/6/11   Pulsatilla 200
3 powder to be taken at consecutive nights
The patient was asked to report after 14 days
25/6/11 The patient called and gave a follow up. She reported that the numbness was much better, sleep was better and very slight improvement in the pain. No medicine
Patient was on observation for 14 days
19/7/11 Numbness is better than before, there are no complaints in the left hand
Pain is better but the patient is saying there is no strength in the right hand. But on examination equal strength was found in both the hands. Her sleep is better.
Pulsatilla 200
6 doses 3 per week
The patient was asked to report after 14 days
10/8/11 Pain is much better, numbness id better, sleep better.
But the patient suffers from a fall and fractured her toe. Severe pain, swelling, dryness of the mouth, headache, cannot sleep on the sides due to pain.
Pulsatilla 1 M
9/12/11 The patient is better overall Patient is on observation and Pulsatilla 1 M is give on SOS bases


In this case with the right homeopathic medicines we were not only able to prevent the surgery but also relieve the patient from the year old suffering of numbness, insomnia. The patient also had tremendous improvement in her emotional nature and now she doesn't get oversensitive in trivial matters and can handle it in a mature way.

Homeopathy heals and brings harmony at the emotional, physical and spiritual levels and helps to achieve good health in the true sense.

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