A Case of Post Herpes simplex complication treated with Homeopathy

An old lady aged 64 years came to me with severe and persistent burning pain in the right gluteal area extending to the abdomen. She was suffering from this pain from the time she had herpes simplex. She also complained of numbness, burning in the soles and the right hand from exertion. Her complaints were better by cold application.

Along with this the patient suffered from severe pain in the coccyx. The pain is worse by standing, pressure, touch, over exertion, winter and lying on the painful side. She gets relief from the pain by resting. She has burning, pulling pain in the abdomen if she is fasting or eats stale food.

She is a teacher by profession and a workaholic. After retirement she goes to her farm and sees the agricultural work. Patient is very irritable by nature and if someone contradicts, opposes her or does something against her wish she becomes angry and irritable.

On further case taking she informed us that her younger son who was doing engineering passed away suddenly due to cancer. This was a major emotional trauma which she couldn't cope up with. Now after 10 years the thoughts and the sadness have reduced.

She has a tough childhood as she came from a poor family so she worked in farm and did odd jobs to fund her education. As a child she was afraid of snakes apart from this there are no other fears. All her complaints are aggravated when she works in water.

There is marked craving for sour food. Sleep is disturbed and she tosses and turns in the bed. She cannot bear tight clothes.

After careful analysis and evaluation the patient was prescribed Sepia 200c at an interval of 15 days. After a fortnight the patient reported with no change but said was feeling a little relaxed. She was advised to repeat the other dose and was asked to report after 15 days.

The patient reported with marked improvement after 15 days in all her complaints. Patient was given only on instruction medicine to be kept with her and was put under observation for a month. After a month the patient reported with no complaints and was very happy to be relieved of the burning pain which she suffered for years.

As the disease was of chronic nature she was kept under observation for another 2 months, there was no relapse so the patient was asked to report as and when required.

Finding the right Homeopathic remedy is very important to achieve the desired results. A complete case study is a must to treat the patient judiciously and relieve them of their complaints.The above case is for information purpose.Do not self medicate.

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