The myocardium of the heart can be affected in most types of heart disease. Cardiomyopathy is a weakening of the heart muscle or a change in heart muscle structure. It is often associated with inadequate heart pumping.

On examination pulse may be jerky, abnormal heart sounds and breath sounds may be heard. Murmurs may be heard in case of valualar heart disease. Other diagnostic procedures include:

The homeopathic approach is based on the totality of symptoms and individualization of the patient. Homeopathy considers the causations such as genetic, physical, emotional etc. and treats the disease accordingly.

It treats the person as a whole i.e. his mental and physical symptoms are considered and a medicine is given. It stops the progression of the disease. In chronic diseases after the remedy is administered it will act at a very deep level and will help the individual to fight the disease.

There are certain medicines in Homeopathy which act as a cardiac tonic. This helps in maintaining and improving the ejection fraction.

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