Antiphospholipid syndrome is a disorder in which your immune system mistakenly produces antibodies to certain proteins in your blood. This disorder can cause clotting within your arteries or veins.

Whenever there is bleeding due to cut or injury, blood loss is prevented by a process known as clotting or blood coagulation. It involves several bodily substances. Phospholipids, which make up cell membranes, are one of the substances involved.

In case of antiphospholipid syndrome your antibodies mistakenly attack either your phospholipids or proteins in your blood that bind to your phospholipids.

The role of homeopathy lies in the fact that it can bring back the lost balance in the human body when it is in a diseased state.

Homeopathic remedies act at the psycho neuro endocrinal axis. In other words it stimulates the human body which in turn will take care of the disease.

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