Alzheimer's disease is the most common cause of dementia in the elderly. More than 60% of the cases of dementia are due to alzheimer's and its prevalence is as high as 47% in individuals above 85 years of age.

It is a degenerative disorder of the cerebral cortex resulting in progressive senile dementia.

Causes and risk factors:

Screening diagnosis:
The disease has a very insidious onset and it progresses very gradually. It basically affects the emotion, intellect and memory of the person. It develops through 3 stages:


Diagnosis is based on the order of the appearance of the symptoms can be supported by imaging techniques like: MRI, CT scan; which show enlargement of the ventricular space along with brain atrophy. But,this is not confirmatory of Alzheimer's as such changes are also seen in most of the other people of this age group.

Environmental Structuring:
This means providing a safe, non stimulating, environment to the patient which provides him with consistency comfort.

Patient Care:

Role of Homoeopathic treatment:

Homeopathic medicines will help in recovery of the memory loss of the patient in the early stages of Alzheimer's, it will also help is reducing the progress of degeneration of the brain cells. Also, the other psychiatric disturbances which the patient develops in the course of the disease like anxiety, depression, delusions, disturbed sleep etc can also be safely relieved by homoeopathic medicines. If the patient is brought to us in the early stages, we have a lot to help for relieving the patient's complaints without any other side effects.

In the 14 years of our practice we have been able to help patients suffering from Alzheimer's disease to lead a dignified life with reduced suffering.

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