Acne vulgaris is a disease when the pilosebaceous follicle becomes oversensitive to the normal levels of testosterone (A hormone in the body). The disease is common in teenagers and young adults.

The parts affected are face, trunk, upper arms are likely to be involved.

The factors that aggravate the condition are Stress and in premenstrual period. In aggressive form of acne the underlying cause can be virilizing syndrome in women, Occupational exposure to chemicals that affect the skin. Certain drugs like steroids, hormones, antiepileptic drugs, iodides also tend to worsen the condition.

The severity of the disease can be graded as:

Mild disease: Open and closed comedones common term is black heads, which is plug, formed of fatty material (Sebum and Keratin) in the outlet of the sebaceous gland of the skin. Oxidation of the keratin in the black head leads to the black discoloration. In the mild form the inflammatory lesion are sparse.

Moderate disease: In this form there are numerous pustules and papules on the skin.

Severe disease: In this type there are extensive lesions and it may also include nodules. These lesions can also lead to scar formation.

Prevention: Avoiding oily cosmetics and pomades and other drugs that are known to produce this type of eruption. Avoiding chlorinated hydrocarbons can also be useful.

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