A Case of Uterine Fibroid cured with Specialized Homeopathic treatment

The patient came with sonography reports of the abdomen and pelvis the reports stated that patient has multiple small uterine fibroids; one in the anterior wall measuring 2.2 * 1.9 cms, another in the midsection measuring 2.2 * 2.1 cms. the ovaries are normal.

The patient had complaints of irregular, heavy menstrual discharge with lots of clots in the flow, along with severe pain in the abdomen before the menses. She also suffered from leucorrhea which is yellowish white in color, when she has this discharge she has severe back pain and lot of weakness.

Most of her complaints started after the 2nd pregnancy. During the menses she suffers from pre menstrual syndrome, she becomes very angry on the slightest noise or if someone talks with her, she just wants to be left alone. All her complaints are ameliorated in a cold room.

Besides this the patient was also suffering from Molluscum contagiosum on the face since many years. This also started after her 2nd pregnancy. Sometimes she has itching and burning of the skin which is better by cold application.

She also suffers from severe dust allergy which leads to violent sneezing and in a day she sneezes for more then 100 times. She has watery nasal discharge, watering of the eyes along with lot of mental irritability the patient says that she has so much of irritability that if someone talks with her during this phase she feels like hitting the person.

In the past the patient has suffered from ovarian cyst which has now resolved.

Emotional nature of the patient

The patient had a very nice childhood and has many friends. She mixes easily with people and has a strong desire to be in a company. She has excellent relations with her family and friends. She was average in her studies and is very short tempered by nature and will shout in anger but calms down in sometime.

If she is unable to express her anger then there is lot of brooding and she is unable to forget the event easily. She is married and has cordial relationship with her husband and in laws. She has 2 healthy children and both the deliveries were normal the second pregnancy was very late after a gap of 10 years from the first pregnancy.

The patient craves for oily food, Fried food, loves to drink cold water but that causes her throat infection. She desires to talk cold drinks before sleeping.

The patient was prescribed Actea racemosa in the 30c potency. She was asked to report after 14 days. The patient's husband called and told that in so many years for the first time she was not irritable during her menses and he was very much surprised with this change after the medicines. The patient also came and reported these changes also the clots in the flow was less. Overall the pain had also decreased to to 40 percent.

The patient was given few doses of the same remedy to take only if she had any complaints. The patient took a few doses and reported after a month's medication with marked improvement in the skin, her allergies were much less and under control she was feeling more energetic and peaceful.

The patient was on medication for 3 months and we did the repeat sonography to see the progress of the uterine fibroids and the sonography showed no evidence of any fibroids. The fibroids have completely resolved, along with this all the other complaints had got better.

The patient was under our observation for 1 year and now she is leading healthy and happy life.

Homeopathic treatment plays an important role in the treatment of Fibroids and homeopathic medicines are gentle, fast acting and without any side affects when prescribed in the right method. It is a myth that Homeopathic medicines are slow acting. Please do not self medicate as only the right Homeopathic medicine after careful analysis and evaluation will give the desired results.

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