Renal failure treated with Homeopathy

A 57 year old woman was referred to us for homeopathic treatment for kidney failure. There was severe pitting edema (swelling) of both the lower limbs. She had severe proteins loss in urine (albuminurea), high levels of serum creatinine and high levels of uric acid. Patient also had complaints of severe weakness and breathlessness on exertion. She could not climb stairs or lift her leg due to the swelling. The complaints were aggravated by hanging legs down and standing for long time.

She is also a known case of Diabetes and Hypertension. She lost weight after she was diagnosed with hypertension and diabetes.

Emotional nature:

She is a social person and mingles easily with people. She is very attached with her husband, if he is delayed due to work or any other reason she gets anxious and will call him immediately.

She is a god fearing person and is very religious. Oversensitive by nature, weeps easily over small things. She loves to read, watch movies, writes poems these are her hobbies. She likes to keep her thing in order and if things are not kept in place she gets irritated and will again keep the things in proper place.

As a child was very fearful, fear of being alone in the dark, thunderstorms, fire, travelling in elevators, bad news like accident, violence or mishaps would cause lot of fear and anxiety.

She had a very good childhood; she has 10 siblings including herself. Has a good relation with them. She has studied till MA and was working for 15 years.

There were many incidences that led her in to depression:

Had two major shocks in her life:

Personal history:

On examination:


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