A Case of Severe Chronic allergic rhinitis cured with Homeopathy

The patient is taking anti histamines every day for many years without any effect. The patient gets bouts of severe sneezing with water nasal discharge along with this there marked swelling below the eyes.

The complaints are aggravated by dust, ice cream; cooking and yogurt .The symptoms are relieved by drinking warm water and hot tea. There is thirst for small quantity of water at regular intervals.

Besides this the patient is also suffering from pain in the knee joints and the complaints are severe in the left knee. The knee pain gets worse from standing, walking and first movement and is relieved by continued movement. The patient has a medical history of uterine fibroids and gall bladder stones for which she has been operated.

In her family history her father suffered from severe asthma and he passed due to COPD.Her mother is suffering from Hypertension and her brother and sister suffered from Cancer.

Emotional Nature of the patient

The patient is very fastidious by nature and wants every thing in order and proper place. If things are not kept in proper place she will keep them properly but this will lead to marked irritability. She is extremely restless and cannot sit in one place and has marked fear of death. Even though she has no stress or tensions she is extremely restless both mentally and physically. Her relations with her family members are very cordial.

After thorough analysis and evaluation of the case the patient was prescribed the remedy Arsenic alb as her constitutional doses. Only after a couple of doses she felt marked relief. She reported after seven days with great relief and in the last 7 days she suffered only for 2 days with marked reduction in the intensity of symptoms of rhinitis.

Patient came for regular follow ups for 4 months and now she has no complaints of Allergic rhinitis and even when she gets a rare episode of rhinitis which gets immediately relieved with the medicine.Along with this she is much relaxed and her restlessness has reduced to a great extent and there is no knee pain.

Homeopathic treatment plays an important role in the treatment of allergic diseases and homeopathic medicines are gentle, fast acting and without any side affects when prescribed in the right method. It is a myth that Homeopathic medicines are slow acting. Please do not self medicate as only the right Homeopathic medicine after careful analysis and evaluation will give the desired results.

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