Case of Cancer of the tongue treated with Homeopathy

A 66 years old woman came to me after she was operated for a tumor on the tongue which was cancerous. As she had no desire to take radiation and chemotherapy. She came to us for prevention of reoccurrence of the cancer and alleviate the suffering.

The patient had increased salivation and she had to constantly swallow or spit it.She also had a feeling of dryness in the mouth which was bothering her a lot. The appetite of the patient is decreased and she was losing weight. she was only 48 kilograms when she came to us.

The patient is very sensitive by nature and obstinate by nature. She has marked fear of rats and gets scared if someone talks loudly. She is very strong willed and has worked very hard throughout her life. She is working since her childhood as her father passed away when she was very young. She had to stay with her aunt and uncle due to their financial crisis.She often felt forsaken when she was staying there. She has strong aversion to music and she feels better if someone consoles her.

She got married when she was in her twenties and things turned out even worse after marriage. She had lot of tensions with her in laws and her husband. Her in laws were very dominating as her husband was not doing well finanacially.She used to take tuitions to run the house,she is workaholic by nature. Her mother in law troubled her a lot and was very selfish.She has three children 2 daughters and one son and all of them are well settled.Her son is very caring and takes good care of the whole family.She has 3 brothers out of them 2 have passed away and the one who is surviving doesn't talk with her and she feels very bad about it.

Family history

Brother: Cancer of the throat passed away Brother: Passed away due to myocardial infarct. Brother: Healthy

Personal History

Craving: Sweets Aversion: spicy food as she never ate spicy food since her childhood. Thirst: is less She feels better in open air. Ambithermal Perspiration: not much Urine and Stool: normal Menses: Menopause Sleep & Dreams: disturbed due to pain. Dreams of god

On examination

Glossectomy done and posterior part of the tongue was preserved. Weight: 48 kgs B.P: Normal Lot of gray hair R.S: NAD C.V.S: NAD Salivation

Homeopathic prescription

Date Symptom Totality Prescription
11/09/2008   Rx
Calcarea carb LM 3
23/09/2008 Patient reported that she was feeling better. Appetite has increased. Salivation is still persisting and she had to constantly swallow. Weight has increased to 49 kilograms Rx
Continue same medicine
01/10/2008 Patient shows further improvement in the health.Salivation is better.Severe headache since morning.Dryness of mouth, Increased thirst. Appetite decreased in the evening. Rx
Based on the acute totality of the symptoms Bryonia.a 30 was prescribed.
27/10/2008 Patient reported with improvement in her headache, Dryness of mouth is better, Appetite has increased. Rx
Patient is put on Sachrrum lactis

Patient stopped the treatment on her own as she was feeling better and she was very irregular with the follow-up.

Date Symptom Totality Prescription
18/12/2008 After 2 months the patient reported with a small growth on the posterior part of the tongue and it was grayish white in color and was like a pea. The patient was advised to undergo pathological investigations to rule out any metastasis to other organs Rx
We waited for the reports to come.
25/12/2008 All her investigations are normal, except her hemoglobin is on the lower side and ESR is on the higher side. Rx
Lycopodium LM 3 dissolved in water (Cyclical remedies)
10/01/2009 Patient reported that the growth has reduced by 80%.But the patient had swelling of left sub mandibular region which was very painful and there was increased salivation. Difficulty in talking, and the pain was severe in the morning. Patient was advised to do x-ray chest which was also normal. Rx
Merc.I.R 30
17/01/2009 Patient was better. On examination the growth had completely resolved. Also all her reports showed there was no metastasis to any other organs. Rx
Patient was put on Sacchrum lactis

The patient again did not follow regularly .One fine day she reported with severe pain in the right ear and a small growth on the tongue. When we asked how she was doing all these months she reported she was perfectly fine.

Date Symptom Totality Prescription
06/06/2011 Severe pain in the right ear,fevereish feeling, severe headache,restlessness,thirstlessness,feeling cold, lot of weakness. Earache is aggravated by talking, drinking and movement. There is burning sensation after eating anything. Throat is congested and a small growth is noted on the tongue. Rx
Kali.cyn 200 1 dose
25/08/2011 Patient reported after 2 months told us she was better for all these days and so she didn't report .Again she has come with severe pain in the right ear. Rx
Kali cyn 200 1 dose
20/09/2011 Patient reported after a month she was better for all these days .But again same complaints have come up. Rx
Kali.cyn 200 dissolved in water was prescribed.

The patient continued to be irregular with the treatment in spite of counseling to come regularly for the treatment or the disease may spread.

In the year 2012 she again reported with unbearable pain which did not get better even with strong pain killers.The pain was so much that the patient couldn't sleep also the size of the tumor was increasing day by day.

The patient was advised to take an opinion of the oncologist and to get a PET scan done. The oncologist suggested complete removal of the tongue followed by radiation and chemotherapy.Again the patient refused to undergo all these procedures as she said she cannot undergo the traumatic process again.She wanted to live her remaining life peacefully.

The PET scan showed lesion on the tongue and oropharynx,nodes on the left side of the neck and in the portocaval region rest of the body showed no metastasis.

We reevaluated the case and she was prescribed Kali.cyn 200 dissolved in water for 7 days .Patient was asked to report regularly.

As a surprise the patient reported exactly on the 7th day with marked improvement in the pain and all the other complaints even the size of the tumor is not increasing and she has minimized the intake of painkillers. Now it has been 6 months the patient is reporting regularly every week and she is stable with minimum pain and she is performing all her day to day activities.

With the right Homeopathic medicine we have helped the patient to lead a normal life with minimum pain. With Our Homeopathic treatment we have been able to improve the quality of life and also prevent the spread of cancer to other organs. It has been four years since the patient is under our treatment without any radiation or chemotherapy.

We strictly do not advice against chemotherapy as we believe in taking what is best in each system of medicine and in the interest of the patient.

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