A Case of Breast Cancer with Metastasis to Liver treated with Specialized Homeopathic Treatment

The patient came to me with severe pain in the arms and legs with the stiffness and numbness on the right side. The patient had history of falling from the train 3-4 times. The pain is so severe that she cries with pain at night. The pain is worse between 3.30 am and 5 am.

She feels better by hot fomentation and exercise. Along with this there is marked cracking of the joints.

The patient is a known case of cancer of the breast and she has undergone radical mastectomy and six cycles of chemothererapy.She developed metastasis to the ovaries which had to be removed and two more chemotherapy cycles had to be given. She was suffering a lot because of all the above complaints and treatments. Patient also suffers from severe acidity and vomiting and she feels better after vomiting.

When we enquired into her personal life we came to know that she had a very difficult childhood .Her parents died due to chronic renal failure when she was very young and so she had to live with her uncle and aunty. Her uncle and aunt were very abusive and they used to beat her up.

She was the eldest in the family and she was very fearful as a child the effect of the fear caused involuntary urination. When she reached menarche her menses were very heavy and she lost weight, developed asthma, with frequent fever and anemia. Along with these complaints she suffered from alopecia areata and lost lot of hair. She got married at the age of 21 years and the marriage lasted for only 10 months .During these 10 months she had 3 miscarriages and led a stressful life as she was working and doing all the house work. To add to the misery her husband used to abuse her so she left him after 10 months of marriage.

She stayed alone for 8 years after this and worked very hard, being the eldest in the family she felt responsible towards her family and he got them educated. All her brothers and sisters are very well placed in life now. As she was very young and her first marriage lasted only for 10 months her family members got her married again. This marriage was also a disaster as her husband abused her for no reason. There is lot of suppression of emotions and forsaken feeling but her only hope to survive is her children. She wants to make them independent and good citizens, she says she can fight with any adversity to see her children happy. Sometimes she feels sad and she feels better if someone consoles her.

Personal history:

Past history: corns, jaundice, plica polonica, alopecia areata, anemia.


After careful analysis and evaluation patient was prescribed Calcarea carb in the LM potency. 1st follow up after 1 week: patient reported that her pain in the knee and hand was better feeling over all better. Pain in the fingers swelling on the legs. Snake had come in her house due to which she has severe fear and sleeplessness. Feeling over all better. Same medicine was repeated. After 2 months of treatment the patient was showing improvement in all her complaints. So we advised her to get a sonography done. We were happy to see the result of he sonography report where the liver metastatis was completely resolved. It has been four years the patient is leading a much healthy life with out any other major complications.

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