Case of Severe Allergies Leading to Anaphylaxis cured with Homeopathy

This young lady came to our consultation for the treatment of severe allergies which she was suffering for the past 10 years. She has taken most of the anti-allergic medicines which gave her a temporary relief.

The patient approached us as her allergies were worsening and now she was developing breathlessness during the episode of allergy. The breathlessness was so severe that she had to be hospitalized with severe breathing difficulties.

The patient gets severe Urticaria along with muscle cramping and difficulty in breathing. The allergy is triggered when she eats processed food, cottage cheese (paneer), cheese, food preservatives and yam. There is severe itching with eruptions all over the body. Itching is slightly relieved by warm application or by blowing hot air with a hair dryer. She was put on steroids along with anti histamines.

Along with the above complaints she also suffers from allergic rhinitis which leads to sneezing, watering of eyes and body aches.

As the case history taking involves in-depth study of the person, the emotional nature, family set up, social life, ups and downs in life; so that we can find the right homeopathic medicine that suits the persons constitution. So on further probing we came to know that the patient comes from a rich family and her parents are working. She has very cordial relations with her family.

As a child the patient was very out going, mischievous, mixed very easily with people. She is very close to her younger sister and even now after marriage talks to her everyday. She was a very bright student and is highly educated. At the same time she says she is not very ambitious. She got married at the age of 22 years and is very happy with her husband and 1 year old son. She feels after her pregnancy there has been lots of changes and that her life has a different meaning now. Her relationship with her husband is very good.

The patient is an extrovert and loves to talk and mix with people. She also likes night life and playing tennis etc. she said if she gets angry she will express it in a nice way and make the other person realize their mistake. She says she is not very sensitive and does not get attracted to any thing easily. Since childhood she has a habit of nail biting.

Personal History

  • She feels very hot on the whole and dislikes hot weather; she is very comfortable in cold environment. She dislikes covering herself even in winters.
  • She has marked craving for cold things - ice
  • Menses are regular but has leucorrhoea which is thick and transparent.
  • She has lots of thirst and desire for cold water.
  • Sleeps mostly on abdomen and sometimes has dreams of snakes

On examination:

  • Cracking of left knee joint
  • Urticaria eruptions
  • White spots on mails
  • Blood pressure: 100/70 mm of Hg
  • In the past she has taken malaria and yellow fever vaccine

Homeopathic treatment

After careful analysis and evaluation the patient was prescribed Medorrihnum 30c 3 does to be taken for 3 nights and was advised to report after 7 days

Follow up

  • 20/20/11 -
  • Patient had a severe bout of allergy. Breathing difficulty but she said that itching was not that much
  • Treatment: Medorrihnum 30c 3 doses were repeated again

    • 31/10/11 -
  • No eruptions or any episode of allergy. As the patient was traveling out she was given 6 powders of Medorrihnum 30c to be taken on SOS basis.

    • 5/12/11 -
  • Patient reported with no episodes of allergy. She had now stopped the anti histamines and steroids with the consultation of her allopath.
  • Patient was under supervision with the SOS medicines.

    • 5/4/12 -
  • No allergic episode. She said she feel more confident now. She is relaxed and can handle herself in a better way. Hot flushes. She is off all medicines.
  • The patient is under our observation and is been more than a year she has not got any allergic episodes, even if she eats cheese, processed food sometimes.

    The right homeopathic medicine has the capacity to treat complex and chronic allergies. Proper understanding of the patient and selecting the right medicine based on analysis and evaluation with a regular follow up will definitely bring in the right result.

    So homeopathy plays a major role in reducing patient sufferings make them more confident and help them to live a happy healthy life.

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