Homeopathic treatment, Diet and Nutrition, for Women

Homeopathy women is all about providing Specialized Homeopathic treatment and Diet consultation for women.We bring good health to you by a safe mode of treatment through Homeopathy and Diet and Nutrition. Homeopathic treatment corrects and strengthens the mind and body to minimize the risk of hereditary diseases and other chronic diseases. The right balanced diet will provide all the nutrition and energy required for the body to function normally and thus strengthen the immune system.

Homeopathy women is run by Dr.Santosh Joshi and Dr.Varsha Patel-Joshi who are both senior Classical Homeopaths practicing Homeopathy for more then 10 years. Dr.Santosh Joshi heads the Homeopathic department and Dr.Varsha Patel-Joshi heads the Diet and Nutrition department as she holds a Masters degree in Human Nutrition from the University of Sheffield (U.K). She has a rich experience in the field of Nutrition and some of her initiatives in this field are:

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